Palermo-Spezia sets new season attendance record, aiming for 100,000 spectators in 4 matches.

The Palermo football team is breaking records in terms of fan attendance for their matches. Tonight’s match against Spezia is expected to have a crowd of 26,012, surpassing the previous record of 26,007 attendees. This shows the increasing support and enthusiasm from the Rosanero fans, despite the match being held on a weekday evening. The team recognizes the importance of the fans’ contribution and aims to reach a total of 100,000 spectators by the tenth matchday. The Palermo fans have consistently shown up for their team, with an average of 24,359 supporters per game this season. The recent home matches have seen an upward trend in attendance, with approximately 24,400 against Südtirol, a record-breaking 26,000 against Cosenza, and around 22,600 against FeralpiSalò. The fan presence is expected to be strong for tonight’s match, with the Curva Nord preparing a choreography worthy of the top league. This is the first of four home matches that Palermo will play within a three-week period.

Palermo-Spezia, battuto il record stagionale di presenze. Nel mirino quota 100 mila spettatori in 4 gare

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