Palermo social services dispute. Comune undertakes to computerize the procedures, but continues to block payments

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The commitment to the future computerization of administrative offices leaves the serious situation of social cooperatives unresolved.

For eight months, the Third Sector entities have not received payment from the Municipality of Palermo of the fees for the reception facilities for the frail, disabled, women victims of violence and in difficulty, minors at risk of abuse and disabled people.

The survival of the system of social services, ensured up to now by social bodies and cooperatives on behalf of the Municipality of Palermo, was the theme of a meeting that took place today at Palazzo Natale, in the presence of the councilor Maria Mantegna and representatives of AGCI, Confcooperative, Legacoop And Unicoop in addition to the general manager of Sispi, Salvatore Morreale and the manager of the Solidarity Citizenship Sector, Fernanda Ferreri.

“The meeting – said the councilor Mantegna – served to consolidate the computerized procedures for the automation of processes.
This initiative fully responds to the commitment that the Municipal Administration has initiated for the digitization process already undertaken “.
The Sispi – assured the engineer Morreale – will carry out, as requested by the social cooperatives, by the end of May the telematic procedures that will allow to automate the entire procedure for uploading data on the telematic platform, in order to carry out all the control until payment orders are issued, in real time and without delays.

During the meeting, the representatives of the cooperatives underlined that the texts of the contracts formulated unilaterally by the Municipality must be modified, guaranteeing firm compliance with the current rules on simplification that require the payment within 30 days and forbid modalities that aggravate the timeframe of the procedure.
In line with the obligation to comply with the 30 days, ordinarily disregarded, the contractual provision of the partial monthly advance was requested, to avoid delays depending solely on the offices – above all due to a serious lack of staff, according to the commissioner Mantegna and the Ferreri manager – continue to prevent payment of payments at the end of the month.
The head of the sector, Fernanda Ferreri, also undertook to integrate the text of the contracts, taking into account the requests of the non-profit organizations.

At the end of the meeting, the commissioner Cinzia Mantegna announced that she had invited the accountant general Bohuslav Basilein a comparison with the social cooperatives on the reasons that at this moment block the payment, both of the previous sums of the fees accrued for 2021 and those of 2022, given that the managers of the individual reception structures are not even received by the municipal offices competent to know the causes.

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