«Palermo slowly», a chemical engineer describes the city at a slow pace

Telling Palermo is by no means an easy task. Centuries of dominations that have not canceled each other, quite the contrary. Integration and mingling have always represented the strong point of a city full of contrasts and contradictions, which continues to be a crossroads of peoples who live together.

And here, then, the arduous task falls to the guide «Palermo slowly»written by John Rizzo, chemical engineer and former full professor of Science and Technology at the University of Palermo, with a passion for historical architecture. The work tries to give the reader the “point of view of someone who grew up there, lived there, worked there and always lived there”, explains the author.

The book suggests paths to explore, at a slow pace, living this little journey as an experience of the heart. The book aims to be a guide for everyone: for Palermitans, who wish to observe and discover new perspectives, and for travelers who choose it, looking for alternative routes from those proposed to be able to grasp the extraordinary harmony of multi-ethnicity that only the Sicilian capital can offer. In the guide, there are also 7 guests to whom the author has entrusted the task of telling places and anecdotes.

«The story goes beyond the musts – says Rizzo on the sidelines of the book presentation at the Agora of the Salinas museum -, is an invitation to look at the details that suggest non-secondary aspects. It wants to be a complementary guide, which tells the story of the city with a different approach». Also sitting at the table alongside the author is the well-known Palermo actor and director Pif: «Palermo has a double soul: on the one hand it is decidedly Adagio. Then, however, just take a walk around the center and you realize how hectic it can be. Going slow these days is revolutionary. In America they spend the night figuring out how to make the world communicate faster and faster. Therefore, making a guide called Adagio seems to me against the tide and quite interesting».

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