Palermo, Sicily Walking Tour – With Captions – 4K

This walking tour of PALERMO, SICILY was filmed on Friday June 21st, 2020 starting at 10:06 AM at the Porta di Vicari. For the …


  1. Stop caricaturing Sicily with the arabian conquest, one of the multiple conquerors of this island, ousted by the Normen

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  4. What a beautiful city. I love everything except the motor scooters. They are so loud. It's sad they couldn't be made quieter. I love these videos. I love Italy. ❤

  5. Creo que en los países del mundo cuando pensamos y describimos a un italiano, siempre describimos a un siciliano, no?

  6. Di solito a Palermo c'è un casino per strada. Quando hai filmato? E la "munnizza", è stata nascosta? Città sporca, fatiscente, cattiva….grande Orlando…..

  7. oh my god. walking into the Cathedral of Palermo was one of the most beautiful things. With the music playing it was like something out of movie.

  8. Tam działa mafia na Sycylii Coza Nostra leciał film w telewizji o ojcu chrzestnym

  9. Another fab video that really shows the place before visiting. I would avoid the market because so many shouty guys would make me uncomfortable though.

  10. Stayed in Palermo City about a week ago and it was such a massive disappointment. The streets were literally full of trash.

  11. Video e mrekullueshme, faleminderit 🌟🌟🌞🌞🌞

  12. Molto originale il percorso. La chiesa del Gesu e` stata una magnifica scoperta! Il vostro lavoro e` davvero prezioso!

  13. I woke up to your video and then really woke up when seeing the street vendors and their wares. Incredible ! I've never seen Palermo like this and will come back to it, share, and enjoy. One thing….the churches are indescribable architecturally. Then you look at the pews …basic planks 😄…I am in awe of the beauty of Palermo 😍💖

  14. Nice content! i will be in Sicily this summer to make some contents. Your video inspires me a lot. Grazie!

  15. I lived in the city for very short time 11 years ago. Thank you for bringing me back to the past.Palermo seems unchanged after a decade.Always full of sunlights, always charming in an unique way!

  16. Italy everywhere is absolutely gorgeous & beautiful, Thank you so much for sharing! A fan from Seattle, Washington (U. S.A.)

  17. Italy everywhere is absolutely gorgeous & beautiful, Thank you so much for sharing! A fan from Seattle, Washington (U. S.A.)


  19. Ja, bitte steigen Sie mit Kindern auf der Roten Teppich & Presentieren mit Schönheiten Lächeln ok…..Please Smile…..

  20. Können Sie die Wetter Progonose fragen bitte…..Was für ein Wetter heute…..? Sind Wir jetzt am Mai oder März Wetter bitte……?