Palermo, shoot the rival after a fight in the pub: arrested


A 31 year old, Giuseppe Nicolosi, and a 34 year old, Maurizio Ingrassia, were arrested by the carabinieri during the wide-range service carried out this morning by the soldiers of the Compagnia di San Lorenzo in the San Filippo Neri district.

Both must answer for attempted murder and illegal firearm port. They are held responsible for trying to kill a 30 year old in December 2017. The investigations of the carabinieri, coordinated by the Palermo prosecutor's office, allowed us to reconstruct what happened on the night between 17 and 18 December three years ago in a room in Viale Lazio .

In the pub, for futile reasons, a fight broke out among a dozen young people, including Nicolosi and the thirty-year-old, supported by their respective friends. Once out, to "settle" the accounts between opposing factions, in Piazza Gino Zappa, Ingrassia would have exploded several gunshots against the victim, injuring her in several parts. The 31-year-old went to the emergency room, where he was hospitalized and subjected to appropriate treatment.

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