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Palermo – Services to the Cervello and Santa Sofia hospitals, M5S complaint

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Serious inefficiencies in the Palermo hospitals S.
Sofia and Cervello, the complaint comes from the deputy of the M5S Roberta Schillaci.
the pentastellata epsonent declares that on this state of affairs, very serious, the Regional Councilor for Health Razza must intervene immediately.
“I am receiving increasing reports of serious inefficiencies and non-compliance in the Villa Sofia and Cervello hospitals in Palermo.
The latest, disseminated through the press, give the idea that the situation is becoming unsustainable and for this reason an inspection by the Region of the structures belonging to the same hospital is immediately necessary.
The Councilor for Health, Razza, send the inspectors as soon as possible “.
“On the Villa Sofia garrison, in an open letter published today by an important newspaper – observes Schillaci – we learn of poor hygiene of the rooms and of the patients, interminable waits for the administration of drugs, lack of pillows and blankets, broken windows and bathrooms without light , in particular in the Orthopedics ward, where poor care of the premises and patients and the lack of those furnishings that are indispensable in a hospital unit would emerge “.
“On the basis of these data, it can be hypothesized that the structures are not in a position to comply with the minimum characteristics necessary for the correct functioning and timely recovery of patients.
We need to clarify these critical issues with the utmost urgency”, concludes Schillaci.