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Palermo, sergeant wounded in training: compensated after 25 years

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Maxi compensation for a soldier who, in January 1997, while participating in a training activity, was injured and with a permanent handicap.
After 25 years, the judges of the Palermo labor court recognized the sergeant the status of a subject equivalent to a victim of duty, and a compensation of almost 300 thousand euros, in addition to the benefits provided for by law (exemption from health care expenses, compulsory placement , psychological assistance.
On January 21, 1997, the army sergeant participated in a nocturnal training activity, with raid and consequent retreat, in an abandoned farmhouse.
The training should have taken place – as is clear from the exercise order – without the use of ammunition and, therefore, without medical support.
During the drill, the platoon he led noticed the presence of a bomb, while exiting the building, one of the soldiers inadvertently hit the device and detonated it, causing the sergeant a strong acoustic and visual trauma, as well as injuries to the left eye due to splinters.
Despite this, the soldier carried out the mission, safeguarding the health of his subordinates.
For years, the sergeant tried to get compensation, without success.
Defended by the Leone-Fell law firm, the labor judge confirmed the right to equal status.
“The status – they write in the sentence – in fact does not expire by prescription”.
“We can only be happy for this epilogue – declare Francesco Leone, Simona Fell and Raimonda Riolo who defended the rights of the military – and, beyond the obvious mistake committed in organizing the mission and which led to the injury of the head team, we are sorry, once again, to note how the administrations are reluctant to recognize a right by forcing those who are injured to request the intervention of a judge to re-establish a wrong, even after 25 years “.