Palermo, security guards worried about the change of the service contract

Airport workers apprehensive about the procedure

The security guards in charge of airport security services in a trade union meeting at the “Falcone Borsellino” airport to discuss company problems and the upcoming change of contract, which concerns a sector that includes approximately 60 workers, among whom there is great apprehension at the moment.

The security guards sent to the provincial labor office the call request for the change of contract of the companies involved in the temporary business association (Ati) formed by Ksm, Sicuritalia and Metronotte d’Italia for the experiment of the procedure, which it should be held between 19 and the next 20 January, at the Prague boulevard office.

The procedure had already been opened by Ksm last September 21 September 2021 and despite the institutional convocation to formalize the change of the contract, and the reminders, it has not yet been finalized.

Filcams CGIL Palermo, which carefully followed all stages of the procedure, expresses concern. “We are worried about the workers involved as to date, in the imminence of the convocation, despite the requests and requests sent, we do not yet know how the workers involved will be relocated and employed in the services that the companies will have to guarantee to Gesap – say the general secretary Filcams Cgil Palermo Giuseppe Aiello and the provincial secretary Filcams Cgil Manlio Mandalari, head of the sector – Following the convocation in the institutional seat, we trust in the slavish application of the legislation and the provisions of the contract to guarantee the maintenance of all levels employment and income “.

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