Palermo school year starts with focus on Father Puglisi, Lorefice urges listening to our students

The new school year opens in Palermo with a focus on Father Pino Puglisi. It has been 30 years since his murder in Anita Garibaldi Square, in the Brancaccio neighborhood, where the mafia killed him in front of his home. To commemorate this, the archbishop of Palermo, Don Corrado Lorefice, inaugurated the first day of school at the Saladino del Cep school. Over 600 students, ranging from preschool to middle school, attend this institution. Students had a shortened day and then participated in a seminar led by the archbishop about Father Puglisi’s life and message. The archbishop emphasized the importance of educating the students and warned them about false happiness and the dangers of alcohol and drugs. The school is seen as a defense against social decline in the neighborhood, and the principal, Giusto Catania, stated that saving the public school is crucial in combating mafia influence in the area.

Palermo l’anno scolastico si apre nel segno di padre Puglisi, Lorefice: “Ascoltiamo i nostri ragazzi”

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