Palermo-Savoy is still a cartel race. Pergolizzi: «It is a true direct confrontation»


Looking at the rankings it is difficult, objectively, to argue that the internal match against Savoy scheduled tomorrow at 14.30 and valid for the eleventh day of round I of the D series championship is the most difficult for Palermo in this first phase of the season. And yet, strange but true, it is so. At least on paper in the sense that the advantage of thirteen points of the league leaders on the Campania team does not reflect such a clear difference between the two teams in terms of values ​​and level of competitiveness of the staff. The trend of the championship, characterized so far by some surprises by referring for example to the path of the Troina or Biancavilla, has not upset the initial starting grid in which, in relation to the main competitors of Palermo in the fight for promotion in Serie C , the training led by Carmine Parlato occupies a prominent place.

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