Palermo, reports that he was harassed by his neighbor “in love”, but it was a lie. Convicted of slander

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He had told the carabinieri in desperation that he was almost persecuted by a neighbor who was in love with him and he had even filed a complaint against her.
But it was all a lie.
Judge Nicola Aiello sentenced a sixty-four year old from Palermo to one year and four months for slander, who had reported harassment to his neighbor.
He had told the carabinieri at the Resuttana Colli station that the woman, with a thousand pretexts, would smile, wink, make appreciation and repeatedly knock home as soon as his wife left.

His life, he explained to investigators, was going to be hell.
Too bad that the carabinieri discovered that the man’s story did not hold up.
It was the neighbors and the wife herself who proved it wrong.
The prosecutor Danilo Carrozzo asked for the man to be sent to trial.
In addition to the conviction, the judge ordered the payment of legal fees and the compensation of the neighbor, who had filed a civil action with the assistance of the lawyer Dario D’Agostino, with 7 thousand euros for the damage to image.
The sentence, also in light of the fact that the man has a clean record, was suspended.

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