Palermo remembers Pio La Torre and Rosario Di Salvo 42 years after their murder: “Changed the fight against the mafia”

The silence falls on Via Vincenzo Li Muli: Palermo remembers Pio La Torre and Rosario Di Salvo, who were killed 42 years ago by Cosa Nostra. Paying homage to the plaque were Mayor Roberto Lagalla, Regional Transport Councillor Alessandro Aricò, Prefect Massimo Mariani, Legion Commander General Giuseppe Spina, Pd Secretary Anthony Barbagallo, and Regional Anti-Mafia Commission President Antonello Cracolici.

At 9.20 on April 30, 1982, Pio La Torre was on his way to the Communist Party headquarters in a Fiat 131 driven by Rosario Di Salvo, his party companion. When the car reached Piazza Generale Turba, it was approached by a motorbike from which gunfire erupted. Other killers got out of a car to complete the double murder. “He was the author of one of the most important laws that served to fight the mafia – emphasizes Cracolici – and defeat it. Until that moment, the mafia did not exist. Being able to get their hands on the assets of the mafiosi constituted the greatest threat to criminal organizations.”

“Pio La Torre’s thinking is tremendously relevant – explains Barbagallo – from the fight for peace to the fight against inequalities and for the weakest. His is the model on which we want to build the party. Today he would point his finger at the centers of power, denouncing what is happening today in the waste system, in the large healthcare contracts.”

A Palermo il ricordo di Pio La Torre e Rosario Di Salvo 42 anni dopo l’omicidio: «Cambiarono la lotta alla mafia»

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