Palermo red zone, the Diocese also stops catechism in the presence: yes to masses

Catechism in presence suspended. This was decided by the Diocese of Palermo. Because of the red zone in force in Palermo until April 14, the Episcopal Council has in fact ordered the stop, “for reasons of caution”, of catechetical activities in presence “at all levels (children and adults and group meetings , associations and movements) “.

Where possible, the indication is, ¬ęcontinue with the online mode. Where necessary, meetings for immediate preparation for the celebration of the sacraments are allowed.

Remains the possibility of celebrating Masses remains unchanged, “albeit with limitations known to all”; baptisms, confirmations, first communions, weddings and funerals can be celebrated, as possibly planned by each parish; for these celebrations it is recommended, in particular, “the strict observance of the rules of health prevention, with particular regard to interpersonal distancing between people who do not belong to the same family unit”.

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