Palermo red zone, steer with vaccines

The slowness of the entire European Union and of our country in the procurement of vaccines is not admissible

Palermo red zone, until April 14th. Right, for heaven’s sake, certainly inevitable, we do not doubt it, a consequence of too many irresponsible behaviors, of course, but one thing must be clear: the more time passes, now that we have the solution to the problem in hand or in any case a concrete contribution to the defeat of Covid. -19 in its serious and fatal forms, ie vaccines, the restrictive measures will be less bearable and justifiable, especially on the complicated economic front. The slowness of the entire European Union and of our country in the supply of vaccines is not admissible, delays in the administration of the available doses are not tolerable, the chaos in the Regions that proceed in random order and often with conspicuous organizational deficiencies is scandalous. In Rome, and elsewhere, there were protests, with clashes with riot police, restaurateurs and traders; there will be many more net of the inevitable exploitation of some party or parliamentarian, and this is not good. The only way to avoid popular uprisings does not consist only in adequate refreshments or support but, above all, in the concrete acceleration of a vaccination campaign that is struggling to reach full capacity. The national government really takes the situation in hand and through constant pressing on the European bodies, through its structures on the territory, starting with the Prefectures, and with the exclusive executive help of Regions and Municipalities give a decisive turn to vaccinate in a short time at least the majority of Italians, gradually loosening restrictions and increasing controls on compliance with anti-contagion regulations with the support, if necessary, also of the Armed Forces. Because it is equally intolerable that the wickedness of a few makes the sacrifices of so many useless.