Palermo red zone, hairdressers against closures: “The squatters are toasting”

Protests from Palermo hairdressers and barbers explode after the establishment of the red zone. The welfare workers have decided to join forces against closures. The manner in which the provision was decided and communicated was also contested. “We wanted to thank the mayor of Palermo and the president of the Region for the timeliness with which they established the red zone in the city. And it is not sarcasm. But we wonder why to close the hairdressers who in recent months have also worked in the red zone and adopting a security protocol, necessary “, declares Nunzio Reina, president of Confartigianato Palermo, in the video.

Palermo hairdressers and barbers have written an open letter addressed to the Municipality and the Region.

“We are tired of seeing public transport overcrowded and that no one cleans up at every stop, we are tired of being constantly targeted for no reason. All this because we are governed by incompetents and without a sense of responsibility towards the Sicilians. They gave the ok to make available (for a fee) 2000 scooters that are touched by all those who rent them (but do not transmit any viruses). They redid the look of the regional building by spending millions of euros, then smeared deaths and positives to cover up the fact that they had not created beds in a year of pandemic, they did not block public transport (where there is more virus transmission) and with whom do they take it? With the productive activities closing them without giving a euro! They close Palermo in the red zone when other municipalities, only one kilometer away, turn out to be orange areas and come and go safely from Palermo. The squatters are toasting because nothing has changed for them, indeed they will work harder. Our stores are all sanitized and we comply with anti-covid procedures. We are at the end of our economic strength, we have families to carry on. We have expenses to face on a daily basis for our stores. We urgently need economic aid ”.

The letter was signed by: Serafino Campagna, Cosimo Campagna, Alessandro D’Angelo, Andrea Pomo, Francesco Napoli, Tommaso Lucido, Francesco Rizzo, Toni Oneto, Matteo Abbate, President of the wellness sector confesercenti Nunzio Reina, Giovanni Cerrito, Inzone Francesco, Alessio Pilo, Alessandro Marchese, Colosimo Gabriele, Sebastiano La Rocca, Salvatore Prestigiacomo, Mario Zora, Giuseppe Covello, Pietro Madonia, Andrea Ganci, Paolo Caruso, Nunzio Compagnone, Salvo D’angelo, Massimiliano Calaio ‘, Giuseppe Lo Presti, Francesco Incontrera, Giovanni Marretta.

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