Palermo: Record numbers for Aster Sicilia at Mediterranean Fair

Aster Sicilia broke records again, welcoming 15,000 students from all over Sicily to their school, university, and career orientation platform at the Fiera del Mediterraneo in Palermo. The president, Anna Brighina, emphasized the importance of the event for young people making decisions about their future. The re-opening of the exhibition center was made possible by the determination of Aster’s president and the work of the local government. Plans for the restructuring of the exhibition center were also discussed, with the goal of making it more accessible and functional. Additionally, the city is planning to bring back the traditional Christmas ice-skating rink and host the Expocook event. The government has also allocated funds to compensate for the lease of the space, with hopes of revitalizing the entire facility.

Palermo, alla Fiera del Mediterraneo numeri record per Aster Sicilia: oltre quindicimila studenti

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