Palermo, recidivist pusher sells drugs in the Vucciria house. Arrested by the police:

The accurate services of the Police called “High Impact “ to reduce the indices of illegality and return safety is livability to citizens who live in the central districts but also in the outskirts of the city.

From the Sperone to the Marinella, passing through one of the largest historical centers in Europe, the policemen carried out dozens of checks, checks, identifications and searches. Thanks to the help of the drug dog King, the policemen carried out a search in the home of a man, with a criminal record for drugs and burdened by the Dacur provision of the Quaestor, resident in the historic district of the Vucciria.

In the closet he hid some plastic bags containing crack and hashish, partly already divided into doses, for a total weight of 50 grams, about 800 euros and a sheet with annotated figures, which made it plausible that the young offender continued from his home to manage a fervent dealing activities. Drugs and money were seized, the young man arrested.

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