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Palermo, Real Fonderia alla Cala: presentation of the book “Raise the gaze”

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Does a new epic manual still make sense in the age of augmented reality and social networks? Feltrinelli school.
The text will be presented on Tuesday 5 April at 4.00 pm at the premises of the Real Fonderia alla Cala: the discussion between the authors and the public will be coordinated by Professor Luisa Brucale, professor of general linguistics at the University of Palermo.
The book is written with the intention of showing, to the new generations of students, the connections between cultures, highlighting the mixes and delving into the continuity of the mythological heritage.
All this without renouncing the taste and pleasure of the story, which has always brought people, peoples and civilizations together, and without forgetting the cultural challenges that the society of the third millennium places before us.
The meeting is organized by the Course of Studies in Antiquity Sciences of the Culture and Society Department of the University of Palermo; by the Palermo Delegation of the Italian Association of Classical Culture and by the Municipality of Palermo.

Brief biography of the authors
Pietro Giammellaro (Palermo, 1975) is a PhD in History of Ancient Sicily (2005) and in History, Anthropology and Religions (2019).
He has published numerous scientific essays in Italian and foreign magazines and volumes and a monograph on beggars in ancient Greece.
His research interests include: anthropology, religions and the social history of the ancient Mediterranean; the relations between the civilizations of the Near East and the ancient Greek world; modern and contemporary historiography on the ancient world.
He teaches Italian and History in high schools and higher education institutes.
Valentina Mangiaforte was born in San Cataldo (CL) in 1971.
She first worked at the Palumbo publishing house in Palermo, then she obtained her PhD in Classical Philology in 2003, dealing with Theophrastus and ancient scientific thought.
She is a highly experienced teacher, since 2001 she has taught literary and Latin subjects in high schools and higher education institutes.
Marzia Soardi was born in Palermo in 1974.
Graduated in Classical Literature, in 2009 she obtained a PhD in Greek-Latin Philology and Culture at the University of Palermo.
From 2011 to today you have carried out your research activity between Palermo and Berlin, collaborating with the Humboldt – Universität zu Berlin in the field of ancient medicine.
You have published several essays in Italian and foreign magazines and volumes and a monograph on the feminine in Aristotle’s thought.
You teach Latin and Italian in high schools.