Palermo, Rap intervenes on the landfill in via Pio La Torre: here are the photos

Rap informs that after the article in the Giornale di Sicilia, which came out both in print and online, it proceeded to clean up via Pio La Torre in Palermo, from the many bulky waste that had been abandoned on the street.

«With regard to the article published this morning – writes the Participant of the Municipality that deals with the collection of urban waste – we inform you that Rap has already intervened on via La Torre to remove the waste illegally abandoned on the public road. The company has also intervened in via Garraffello, in via Tirasegno and in viale Francia».

In Via Pio La Torrein addition to the mountains of disassembled furniture, pieces of bathroom fixtures, a cistern and wardrobe doors had been abandoned along the sidewalks, causing considerable inconvenience for primary and lower secondary school children, aged 5 to 13, and for the teachers of the comprehensive school Antonio Ugo that every day they were forced to pass in front of waste and degradation.

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