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Palermo. RAP, in via Basile, work has begun for the construction of another Municipal Collection Center

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THEn concomitance with the inauguration of the “Lennon” CCR on 11 March, work has begun for the construction of an additional Municipal Collection Center called “Basile”.

After the area has been delimited and “construction site”, the work of re-adapting the internal surfaces on the site identified in a portion of the Basile car park is underway.
The projects have, as always, been drawn up and presented by RAP and approved by the Municipality of Palermo, which has already issued a regular trade union ordinance (No.
208 of 02/12/2021) which authorizes RAP to carry out the fitting out works.

“The demolition works of the sidewalks are in progress and at the same time the relative electrical paths, sewer and water connections are being excavated, for which the relative contracts have been signed in good time by RAP – explains the Sole Director of Rap Girolamo Caruso .
The related tender procedures for the acquisition of monoblocks for offices and changing rooms are also nearing completion.
Next week, further excavations are planned to prepare the perimeter fence, position the existing flower beds with the aim of improving traffic conditions “.

CCR Basile is also part of the overall planning of the implementation of the separate waste collection system in the city of Palermo wanted by the Municipal Administration jointly with RAP which includes, in addition to the extension of the door-to-door system, also the preparation of a network of municipal collection centers serving citizens, located and distributed in such a way as to be able to serve all the districts of the city.

“By May, barring unforeseen events not dependent on our will – concludes Caruso – the city of Palermo will have its seventh municipal collection center”.

The “Basile” CCR falls into the fourth district (Oreto), District 4 (Montegrappa – S.

The ownership of the area is of the Municipality of Palermo which has assigned to the RAP SpA Company (Municipal Resolution no.80 of 09.05.2019) a portion, equal to a total of approximately 1900 square meters, entirely dedicated to the new infrastructure at the service of citizens .

05 April 2022 | 12:14