Palermo, racially motivated beating a staging, acquitted

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PALERMO – The reconstruction of the beating was dismantled during the trial.
The same prosecutor asked for the acquittal of the two defendants.

Rosario Gennaro and Ivan Meli, aged 57 and 34, did not commit the crime.
The verdict is from the court of Palermo chaired by Fabrizio La Cascia who accepted the defense arguments of the lawyers Elena Gallo and Alessandro Romano.

In 2015 a young Senegalese went to the emergency room.
He says he was massacred a few days earlier with a bar.
While he was beating him the attackers shouted “this way you have to go, piece of m …
bastard here we only want Italians go away and we’ll kill you”.

The beating for the purpose of extortion would have taken place in the square in Sferracavallo where the Senegalese was a street vendor.
Ambulante was also one of the two defendants, while the other was a friend who intervened to help him to eliminate the competition in a brutal way.

Hearing after hearing, however, a different truth emerged.
Some witnesses explained that they had witnessed a dispute.
Nothing more.
The defenders pointed out the contradictions in the account of the alleged victim who initially said he was hit with a belt and not with bars.

According to the lawyers, it was also anomalous that the victim did not show up immediately at the hospital.
How abnormal were the lesions healed in a few days.
If he really had been hit with iron clubs and wooden sticks, the consequences would have been much more serious than the seven-day prognosis reported.
In short, it would have been a staging and not a beating.

The Tribunal would have liked to hear the Senegalese in court.
Nothing to do, it is nowhere to be found.
Eventually the two defendants were acquitted.

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