Palermo: Projects against school dropout—Building a community of educators, not an army

The Per Esempio association aims to create a community of educators in Palermo, rather than an army. They believe that the city is in crisis and that recent events have highlighted the country’s deep disarray in terms of civil, cultural, and economic aspects. To address this emergency, the association is presenting new educational projects to combat school dropouts and youth distress, as well as promote gender empowerment. A team of 40 professionals will work in the most complex neighborhoods of Palermo to provide tailored care and healing. They emphasize the need for multi-faceted interventions, including investments in education, prevention, and reintegration of young offenders, rather than focusing solely on punitive measures. Through collaborative efforts with various organizations and support from foundations and programs, the association aims to create a stronger network of educators to invest in vulnerable youth. They believe that education is the key to shaping the future and instilling confidence in communities. The association will present their plans for the next five years, including the introduction of educators in classrooms and new educational paths for marginalized groups, such as women and girls facing increased challenges due to the pandemic. They also plan to open a new educational center focused on academic support and guidance for vocational training.

Palermo, progetti contro la dispersione scolastica: «Non un esercito ma una comunità di educatori»

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