Palermo: Productivity rewards extended to time clock cheaters, inspired by Rap culture

An internal investigation has been launched into employees of Rap, a waste management company, following a judicial investigation into fraudulent activity and abuse of productivity incentives. The investigation, conducted by municipal offices, aims to determine who should have detected these irregularities. The names of some employees implicated in the media reports were found in payment records, leading to questions about who was responsible for oversight. The assessment of the situation and potential legal action will be carried out by the prosecutor’s office. Substantial documentation has been collected, and the case may be brought to court soon. The investigation led to the identification of nearly 1,400 fraudulent incidents involving Rap employees. While 101 individuals were investigated, only 18 faced precautionary measures, requiring them to report to the police at the beginning and end of each work shift. It should be noted that no convictions have been made, and all individuals are still innocent until proven guilty. However, the fact that responsible individuals allowed such disreputable acts to occur is causing embarrassment at higher levels of the municipal administration. The mayor contacted the management of the waste management company seeking clarification on whether they were also involved in receiving the incentives, to which a reassuring response was given. However, emerging evidence suggests that this may not be the case. The second-level bargaining in the company is substantial, with productivity-based projects offering significant bonuses, especially in operational sectors. The bonuses can amount to up to €10,000 per year per employee, in addition to regular salaries and overtime pay. The absence of staff turnover, due to the lack of replacements for retiring employees, leads to surplus resources being allocated to personnel. The director-general of the municipality held a meeting with Rap management to discuss the extra costs for 2021-2022 and urged prompt action to find solutions for the funds spent. Additionally, there is an ongoing legal dispute between the municipality and the Region concerning the recognition of additional costs associated with waste management due to delays in the construction of the seventh basin. This dispute represents a substantial sum of around €40 million, including VAT. Finally, inspectors from the Regional Environmental Protection Agency and the environmental protection unit of the Carabinieri recently visited the Bellolampo landfill, although their specific purpose and findings remain unclear. The visit is believed to be related to an investigation into fires and their impact on the environment.

Palermo, alla Rap pure i premi di produttività per i furbetti del cartellino

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