Palermo prison officer falls ill at Ucciardone: unions protest.

Another agent at Ucciardone suffered a health problem and was taken to Villa Sofia emergency room. This is reported by the regional secretary Cnpp, Maurizio Mezzatesta. He claims that the authorities are not understanding the serious professional situation of the agents in the region’s institutions. The only solution they see is to merge, penalize individual rights, and extend working hours. They have expressed their concerns to local and regional institutions, hoping for urgent intervention. They are tired of facing aggression and difficult working conditions. There has been an escalation of risky situations due to the significant lack of staff. They demand solutions from the prison administration and are considering protest initiatives. The community is also worried about the situation.

Palermo, agente penitenziario colto da malore all’Ucciardone: protestano i sindacati

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