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Palermo, positive chaos between family doctors and Usca

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PALERMO – These are complicated days in Palermo on the Covid front.
Difficult days for the positives who need to be isolated or released and end the isolation.
Who is responsible for doing this? With April 1, the order of President Musumeci expired, which ordered that this operation be the responsibility of family doctors.
One of the tasks that no longer exist with the end of the emergency, decreed by the national government.
So? Many people ask for explanations and many are going to the hub of the Mediterranean Fair with understandable inconvenience.

The doctors, for their part, are explaining to patients that they can no longer certify measures which, in fact, concern personal freedom.
On the other hand, the commissioner structure and the Usca have to manage an additional series of practices.
In these hours, there is no lack of notes and reciprocal emails in which everyone ‘claims’ their good reasons, A ‘system flaw’, due to a change of state from the emergency to its end, which, probably, will not it will be the only one.
In between are the victims of the situation: those who have to do with Covid and are now experiencing one more problem.