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Palermo, Port Authority accelerates on basin and waterfront works

autorità portuale

Expressions of interest for project coordination, quality control and technical support assignments have been published

PALERMO – The goal is to achieve as soon as possible the relaunch of shipbuilding in the Port of Palermo, with the safety and completion of the dry dock of 150 thousand tons, and the construction of the Port-City interface system, to reduce the visual and physical separation of Palermo from its waterfront. Two fixed points of the president of the Western Sicily Port System Authority (AdSP), Pasqualino Monti, who, in the capacity of extraordinary commissioner for the three works, started the collection of expressions of interest from professionals interested in carrying out the assignment of project coordination, quality control, technical and management support to the Authority.

All aimed, in fact, to speed up the realization of the three works with a total value of 155, 5 million: 39 million from the FSC funds (intervention included in the operational plan of the Development and Cohesion Fund 2014 – 2020), completion for the safety of the dry dock 150 thousand tons – first functional batch; 81 million from the infrastructure fund 2020 (fund for investments and infrastructural development of the country), completion of dry dock 150 thousand tons – according to functional lot and approximately 35, 5 million from the Pac fund of Pon Infrastructure and Networks 2014 – 2020, refurbishment and redevelopment works of the interface areas of the Port of Palermo with the city.

Once the expressions of interest have been collected, the Port Authority will proceed with the negotiated procedure for the assignment of the Project Management Consultant (PMC) services. The value of the contract is 4.5 million, divided into: 1. 175. 000 for the safety of the basin of 150 thousand tons; 2.350.000 for the completion of the basin of 150 thousand tons and 993 thousand euros for the refurbishment and redevelopment of the interface areas of the Port of Palermo with the City.

The service will have to provide technical-administrative support to the sole head of the procedure (Rup) and to the construction management as well as technical, legal-administrative and accounting-managerial support to the entire commissioner structure, in addition to carrying out the functions of quality control and safety coordination. for each of the interventions.


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