Palermo Polyclinic, the second hemodynamics room activated

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Since last June 13, the Polyclinic «Paolo Giaccone» of Palermo is once again part of the regional network for acute myocardial infarction (Rete Ima).
This was stated in a note from the same university company.
This is the centralized path that allows you to facilitate – in the case of “Stemi” heart attack (acute myocardial infarction with elevation of the St segment) – an immediate acceptance of the emergency by the 118, avoiding that the patient presents himself in the ready rescue, to then be immediately directed to the hub center of reference.

The Polyclinic can now also count on the second hemodynamics room restructured that allows to manage the urgency in case, at the same time, also the first room is occupied.
Equipped with all the necessary structural standards, the new room has inside a fixed “C-arc” angiograph of the latest generation purchased to cope with all the main interventional cardiology interventions.
Head of the hemodynamics unit is Salvatore Evola.
The cardiology department of the “Paolo Giaccone” Polyclinic, directed by Giuseppina Novo, is one of the reference companies for the treatment of patients suffering from acute myocardial infarction who need to undergo angioplasty procedures.
An overall investment, the one developed in the cardiology field, which in recent months has also seen the completion of a competition to form a ranking of cardiologists with specific experience in hemodynamics who deal with treating cardiac pathologies through percutaneous access and not through traditional surgery .

«We are happy – says the extraordinary commissioner Alessandro Caltagirone – to be able to see once again the reintegration of our cardiology among the hub centers of the provincial Ima network.
It is essential to be able to be an active part of a system of time-dependent networks which, in the case of acute pathologies, such as heart attacks, prove to be life-saving.
It is important that citizens are aware of how essential it is to call 118 immediately: in this way they can be directed to the most appropriate structure to deal with and manage the case “.


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