Palermo. Polfer 1 arrested, 6 suspects and about 13,000 people checked

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One arrested, 6 suspects, 12,951 people checked, 127 trains attended, 245 vehicles inspected and 1,246 patrols engaged in surveillance services at the station, on board the train and along the railway line: this is the balance of the main control activities carried out by the Police railway throughout Sicily, in June.

Last month the Sicilian Polfer was also involved in two operations: “Rail Safe Day” and a “Red Gold”, arranged by the Railway Police Service, throughout the national territory, and respectively aimed at identifying incorrect behavior that jeopardize the safety of the movement of trains and users and to combat the phenomenon of copper theft in the railway sector.
At the end of the month, the “Rail Action Day” operation was also held, aimed at preventing and combating the most common criminal phenomena in the railway sector in which the transport police of the major European countries participate, to carry out coordinated action at international that guarantees the safety of rail transport.

7 missing persons tracked down by Polfer agents of Catania, Messina and Palermo, including 5 minors who, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, were returned to the communities from which they had arbitrarily left.

Railway Police operators rescued two people, one of whom was taken ill and another with suicide intentions.
In the first case, the Palermo agents practiced, until the arrival of the medical staff, the BLS maneuvers (cardiac massage and ventilation) to a man who suddenly collapsed to the ground inside the local central station, as he was struck by a cardiocirculatory arrest.
Another man, on the other hand, who had lay down on the platforms of the Messina station, was saved by the policemen who, given the danger of the situation and the lack of collaboration of the subject, lifted him up carrying him safely to the nearest sidewalk.

Coinciding with the end of the school year, the 2021/2022 edition of the railway legality and safety education campaign “Train… to be cool” ended.
The last meeting involved about forty pupils from the primary school of the “Giotto – Cipolla” school in Palermo, who reached the Palermo central station on board the train after having carried out training activities in the classroom in the previous months.
Accompanied by Polfer agents, they visited the station, the railway police offices and got to know the vehicles and equipment used daily by the policemen.
Thanks to the help of the railway staff, the young students were also given the opportunity to visit a train, including the driver’s cabin.

In Messina, the policemen returned to a man a bag containing about 5,000 euros and various documents that he had forgotten on board a ferry in service in the strait.
In Palermo another bag, left by a traveler at the bus terminal of the central station, was returned by the agents to the rightful owner.

05 July 2022 | 11:37

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