Palermo plagued by illegal landfills: excessive waste from outside the city.

Palermo is facing a severe garbage crisis, with approximately 100 illegal dumpsites per day and continuous burning of asbestos and waste bins. The situation has spiraled out of control, with the migration of waste becoming a daily struggle for the Rap, the city’s waste management company. The company’s teams are overwhelmed by the constant collection of various types of waste, ranging from simple abandoned bags to hundreds of mattresses, furniture, wood and metal planks, and old appliances, which resurface in the same locations every day. The company also faces challenges such as a lack of personnel and outdated equipment. As a result, there are frequent delays in regular waste collection, and the problem is exacerbated by constant reports of burnt waste bins, further complicating the work of the operators. The CEO of Rap, Giuseppe Todaro, expressed his concern over the situation, noting that the waste reaccumulates daily and is often brought from neighboring cities and towns. This burned waste becomes a special type of waste that cannot be immediately collected. Todaro emphasized the need for citizens and authorities to acknowledge and address this crisis, as Palermo continues to be regularly subjected to tons of garbage from other provinces, including motorcycle and car frames that need to be removed after police checks. He also pointed out the existence of municipal waste collection centers, where citizens could properly dispose of bulky waste, but the rules of a civilized city are not being respected.

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