Palermo, patient punches a nurse at Villa Sofia

A nurse was punched by a 43-year-old patient in the emergency room of the Villa Sofia hospital in Palermo. The incident took place on Sunday morning and police officers intervened and reported the man for injuries. The incident allegedly took place along the corridors of the emergency room. The patient had been hospitalized for a day for abdominal pain and was on a stretcher. At some point he would have walked away taking the drip off his arm. Then he would ask the nurse to reattach the tube to the valve. The doctor, however, also busy with the other patients, told him to wait a moment so that he could dedicate himself to him too. The man would not have liked the answer and would suddenly get up from the stretcher, shout something and hit the nurse in the back, punching him two in the head. The security guards intervened to stop the man before the police cars arrived. The employee of Villa Sofia visited his colleagues who found injuries that could be cured in ten days.

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