Palermo outdoor cinema at risk of early closure due to frequent vandalism

For the sixth time within a few days, there was a night raid in the reclaimed area of Sant’Erasmo’s marina, where the open-air cinema event, Cinema all’aperto, is being held. Bottles were thrown into the space that has been transformed into a cultural hub, hosting movie enthusiasts and regular spectators every evening. Despite the violence of the act, the security personnel, who monitor the area 24/7, remained unharmed. The police were immediately alerted and quickly intervened in both incidents. The organizer of Cinema all’aperto, Andrea Peria, expressed concern over the widespread disorder in the city, particularly in nightlife hotspots, such as Vucciria, where unrestricted drinking and unruly behavior among young people occur. Peria called for increased security measures, including more patrols on the streets and surveillance cameras as deterrents. The safety of the spectators and workers is paramount, and Peria reluctantly stated that they may have to consider closing the film festival prematurely to ensure everyone’s safety, despite the significant economic impact it would have.

Palermo, troppi raid vandalici: il Cinema all’aperto potrebbe chiudere in anticipo

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