Palermo: Orthopedic Department at Villa Sofia Saved from Closure

The closure of the Orthopedics department and trauma center at the Villa Sofia-Cervello Hospitals in Palermo has been averted. A solution was reached during a meeting held at the regional health department, led by Health Minister Giovanna Volo. Attendees included general managers Salvatore Iacolino and Salvatore Requirez, as well as representatives from public and private healthcare facilities in the Palermo metropolitan area. The plan involves temporarily assigning five new doctors to Villa Sofia, four from the regional healthcare agency and one from the Palermo Polyclinic. Additionally, 13 new orthopedic beds will be opened across the province, four in Asp facilities, four at the Civico hospital, and five at the Polyclinic. Until October 26th, Villa Sofia will not accept orthopedic emergencies, which will instead be redirected to the Civico hospital. Private healthcare facilities have also agreed to assist, with the Italian Association of Private Hospitalization offering to accept orthopedic patients with minor injuries if there are no available beds in public hospitals. However, patients with serious injuries will continue to receive care at the Civico and Villa Sofia hospitals through a coordinated plan involving orthopedic specialists from across the province. The final piece of the plan involves the signing of a cooperation agreement, which will establish protocols and procedures between the regional health department, public healthcare facilities in the Palermo province, and the Giglio Institute Foundation in Cefalù until December 31st. This will be followed by recruitment procedures for orthopedic specialists initiated by the Villa Sofia company. Minister Volo praised the collective effort and collaboration between public and private healthcare institutions, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in the healthcare system.

Palermo, scongiurata la chiusura del reparto di ortopedia a Villa Sofia

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