Palermo, Orlando meets mayors of municipalities excluded from Pnrr: “Let the project rankings be reviewed”

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the meeting at Palazzo Comitini

At the meeting held at Palazzo Comitini on mayor of the Metropolitan City of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, and president of Anci Sicilia, he tried to sweeten the discontent of the first citizens of the municipalities of the province excluded from projects financed with funds pertaining to the National recovery and resilience plan.

It is about 59 interventions for a total amount of 198 million euros coming from the PNRR, for urban regeneration, responding to a basic approach that is the one desired by Europe, that is, the redevelopment of subject areas that have a greater index of social and material vulnerability (IVSM).
This is what the PIU provides – Integrated Urban Plan Open Metropolis, City for All “, a Plan that focuses on the theme of the” right to the city “understood as: center-periphery relationship, regeneration of historic districts, spatial inequalities and social, conflicts, difficult mobility, increased social control, land consumption, environmental imbalances.

The reaction of the 32 mayors of the metropolitan area, therefore, who have not been able to access European resources, but who have decided not to continue the recourse to the TAR announced against the ranking drawn up by the staff office of the Pnrr of the metropolitan city, lasts, provided that the Orlando mayor undertakes to accept the request concerning “the revocation or rectification in self-defense of the decree of the metropolitan mayor of Palermo” with the 59 admitted and financed interventions.
The administrators thus requested that the ranking of projects be revised, with the necessary re-examination of those declared ineligible, together with the re-elaboration of the new PIU.
All this, as the mayors ask, must take place within certain and limited times to avoid delaying the procedures for implementing the NRP and the issuance of the related financing decrees by the Ministry of the Interior.

This is an important sign of attention – commented Leoluca Orlando, – with respect to the known financial criticalities of local authorities, in particular those in the rebalancing plan.
However, we are aware that a more significant intervention is needed, even by providing for a modification of the Vulnerability Index and, in this sense, the request, already made for some time, remains that the resources allocated by the fiscal associate and by the budget law 2022 may be expected annually and also for the years to come “.

The protagonist of this story is also the mayor of Gangi Francesco Migliazzo who attended the meeting, highlighting how “Some projects were not considered admissible, but we had the availability of the metropolitan mayor to review those presented by the municipalities that remained out of the ranking, if the conditions exist, with his commitment to finance them with another measure represented by the Pon Metro Plus. If this meeting had not taken place, we probably would have resorted to the TAR but which we avoided in order not to compromise those municipalities that were admitted instead, would not have been correct for the other mayors who would be penalized.
The inland municipalities suffer a high marginality and the NRP wants to bridge the gap between the various municipalities in the South and the North.
We want to access resources “,
concludes Migliazzo.

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