Palermo opens Tommaso Natale bypass after 5-year wait

After 1,700 days of waiting, controversy, and bureaucratic battles, the Tommaso Natale bypass will finally be operational. Although it was supposed to be ready since October 2018, the delivery will now be handled by the municipal administration, according to the Public Works assessor Salvatore Orlando. This project is part of the railway works for the doubling of the Palermo Central/Brancaccio-Orleans-Palermo Notarbartolo-Cardillo routes. It includes important infrastructural works for roads, parking, and public lighting that will improve the Tommaso Natale area. The lateral bypass connecting Via Sferracavallo to the Via Partanna Mondello area will significantly reduce traffic, providing an important local mobility artery. There has been gratitude expressed for the institutional cooperation of the railway companies RFI and Italterr in completing the railway works and urban redevelopment. Additionally, the municipal administration has been praised for maintaining resources for the redevelopment of the Marinella area, which includes a portion of the railway land. Overall, there is hope for rapid progress and timely responses for Tommaso Natale.

Palermo, dopo 5 anni di attesa apre la bretella di Tommaso Natale

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