Palermo, Open Arms: Salvini short-term trial

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On Friday 8 April Matteo Salvini will be in Palermo for the hearing of the Open Arms trial.
I announce the League.

“Appointment at 9.30, Aula Bunker dell’Ucciardone.
Witnesses are expected: Marc Reig Creus, Commander of the Open Arms ship; Vincenzo Asaro, medical director of the Licata hospital, Asp of Agrigento; Cristina Camilleri, head of the Cta – mental health department of the ASP of Agrigento; Alessandro Dibenedetto, psychologist working at the Emergency Onlus; Katia Valeria Di Natale, doctor on duty at Cisom Staff, Passim 2 Project; Dario Caputo, prefect of Agrigento; Rosa Maria Iraci, Commissioner of Agrigento “.

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