Palermo, only one goal in the last 4 home games but progress on the game

Eighteen shots of which five on goal. A post and several scoring chances especially in the first half. A performance that came, but that didn’t allow Corini’s men to bring the three points home. A 0-0 which, in the end, barely moves the standings and which leaves the fans disappointed. But if the banner at the start of the game read “continuity and determination, this is our mission”, then little or nothing can be reproached to the team. As against Benevento, there was no lack of courage and aggression.

In addition to that sense of team that didn’t exist at the beginning of the championship. That feeling of compactness which then in Serie B allows (often) to bring home the victory. It can therefore be said that Palermo punctually fails the test that can give a different meaning to the championship, but not that there is a lack of continuity of performance from the match against Pisa onwards. Since that 3-3, Corini’s hand is more evident even if the results remain fluctuating. However, it is perceived that that much-quoted path is going on. Always with respect to what is the only goal of the season (salvation) and what is the starting point. Without forgetting, that is, that the coach from Brescia started from scratch and maybe even less. With a staff that was still Baldinian, in form and content.

The 0-0 obtained against Como cannot leave the fans satisfied, it is true, but not wanting to stop at the result alone, there is some data which confirms the progressive improvement of the game and of the offensive projection. As Corini explained in the press conference «now the team is shooting on goal, we had the best first half of the season». Not just potential chances, therefore: the Sicilians had 3 clear chances in the first 15 minutes, including a post hit by Vido with a header from Marco Sala’s cross. An offensive phase that still takes place (only) on the flanks and which sees the inclusion of midfielders as an increasingly trademark. To testify it are the three shots towards the goal by Segre. The midfielder born in Turin then confirmed that the weekly work is leading to results: «The fact that I’ve had these opportunities confirms how the coach’s hand can be seen and that we’re working well. Only the goal was missing today” – said the midfielder. Palermo always creates and brings at least 5 players above the ball line, two of which are midfielders (one of which is always Segre, close to the strikers).

However, concreteness is lacking, especially at home: in the last 4 games at the Barbera, the Rosanero have only scored one goal, that of Marconi against Parma. Then two 0-0 draws against Cittadella and Como and a defeat against Venice (0-1). In short, if on the one hand there are improvements, the many defections remain firm. Like the only goal scored in the last 4 home games (as mentioned) and the dependence on number 9 Matteo Brunori. In fact, if he doesn’t score, the rosanero are almost never able to score points. Another obvious limitation: the absence of vertical play. Corini’s team never manages to penetrate centrally and always widens the game on the outside, thus not having a plan B from an offensive point of view. There are therefore many defections, even if it is undeniable that Palermo seen against Como paradoxically offered one of its best versions. The away match in Ferrara will be a decisive test. Against a wounded opponent who no longer knows the taste of victory.

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