Palermo, ok with urban regeneration projects

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PALERMO – The regional council during yesterday morning’s session, on the proposal of the councilor Marco Falcone, authorized the Municipality of Palermo to proceed with the remodeling of some funds in order to pursue important projects for liveability, safety, quality and the attractiveness of peripheral areas and urban areas in transformation.
In detail, the availability of 25 million euros (FSC funds) was approved for works to complete the transformation of the former Mediterranean Fair in Palermo into a congress and exhibition center, supplementary to the transformation of Hall 20 into a Congress Center, currently underway .

The project provides for a large urban regeneration intervention at the service of the neighborhood and the creation of research hubs.
A large exhibition and dissemination area is planned and there will be spaces for coworking, research, experimentation and technology transfer activities.
In addition, the remodeling of the former Gescal funds was approved, authorizing the Municipality to use 24 million for urban regeneration interventions in the marginal and fragile areas of Palermo.

According to the program defined by the councilor Carta, road maintenance, redevelopment of public space, tree planting, social and health services and for the creation of recreational and sports areas will be carried out in each district.
proximity to neighborhoods.

«The good government of Palermo – Lagalla declares – passes from a strategic vision of the city and from an effective use of available resources, always aimed at giving concrete answers to the needs of citizens and businesses.
I thank the commissioner Falcone, the regional council and the president Musumeci for the attention shown towards the city of Palermo and for the firm and common desire not to lose resources and make public spending efficient, especially that deriving from extra municipal resources ».

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2022-08-05 17:32:00

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