Palermo, Norata “Projects to revolutionize the waste sector”

From the enhancement of the differentiated to the CCR, passing through the transformation of Bellolampo into a plant engineering platform: exclusive interview with the president of Rap, Giuseppe Norata

PALERMO – In 2022, a citizen walking through the city streets could discover a city with a new face, without garbage and without bins. To design the future is the president of Rap, Giuseppe Norata, in office since 2018. There are many objectives to be achieved for the environmental hygiene company owned by the Municipality: separate waste collection, plant engineering, services, as established in the 2020-2022 industrial plan approved by the Municipal Council headed by Mayor Leoluca Orlando.

President, at what point is the separate collection?
“The percentage of separate waste collection is just under 20 percent, confirmed with the February trend. We have had a slight decline due to the pandemic. The reorganization of separate waste collection will be defined by 2022 with the start of the service throughout the city ”.

How many municipal collection centers are there and when will the new CCRs be ready?
“There are currently five in operation and 25 are planned, on average one in each district. The CCRs are essential to have an excellent separate collection system throughout the city and this can be seen from the data. In 2020, the CCR collected 11 thousand 500 tons of differentiated waste conferred by citizens. This year we plan to set up four new CCRs, planned in via Mongitore / Baronio Manfredi, in the Basile car park, in piazzale John Lennon and in via Assoro. Another four will be established in 2022 ”.

The municipal council approved the plan of the objectives assigned to the company. Do you indicate any for 2021?
“Among the specific objectives, in addition to the construction of municipal collection centers to increase the differentiated, for example, there are those concerning the modernization of the mechanical biological treatment plant in Bellolampo and the construction of the public plant for the treatment of bulky waste . In the latter plant, all the bulky goods delivered will be transformed into secondary raw material, recovered and to be sent for a second life “.

What are the other objectives to be achieved?
“A very important project that will see the light by 2022 is the closure of the sixth tank in Bellolampo, with the final covering with photovoltaic panels for the production of energy from alternative sources. We have projects that reach almost 200 million euros and which will represent, for the city of Palermo, the turning point in the management of the integrated waste cycle. We also foresee the reorganization with the acquisition of a new operational company headquarters in the North. While in the south of the city, modernization works will be carried out on the historic site in via Ingham. For the new headquarters on the north side, there was an expression of interest to identify an area in the Partanna area where the Rap development projects could be hinged; the modernization of the Bellolampo plant platform is mainly involved in all of this. In fact, for Bellolampo we will no longer speak of a landfill, but of a material recovery plant platform also from an energy point of view. We also plan the plant, to be built again in Bellolampo, for the valorisation of the dry fraction to improve the quality of the waste collected, both in the CCR and at home, to obtain maximum contributions from the supply chain consortia “.

Are men and means sufficient?
“To improve separate collection, we will acquire new vehicles and equipment. As for the staff, Rap has 1,700 units with a very advanced average age. We are thinking of the hypothesis of company employment contracts to facilitate the retirement accompaniment of those interested workers, and then open up to the job market, more responsive to the needs of Rap and the city of Palermo. In any case, first we will give space to inter-company mobility between the subsidiaries of the Municipality “.

Are you recovering the credits claimed by the Municipality?
“We boast a substantial amount of credits from the Municipality of Palermo that we are unable to collect, a good part of them old, dating back to the years 2014 and 2015, about 40 million euros. There was a commitment from the Administration to make about 16 million already available in March, but we have not received them. Then there are the so-called extra costs accrued in 2020, to take the waste out of Palermo, for about 23 million euros. This enormous amount of receivables, which can be quantified as about 36 percent of the entire amount invoiced in one year from the Municipality, negatively affects relations with suppliers and disposal plants and heavily and negatively interferes with all development projects. of Rap “.