Palermo, new robbery at the petrol station in via Basile: the gas station attendant was beaten

Robbery at a petrol station in via Ernesto Basile, in Palermo, targeted once again after the last blow had yielded about 8,000 euros. This time, two of them, with a knife, threatened and then beat the refueling officer, taking away a loot to be quantified.

Palermo, robbery of a petrol station: € 8,000 hit


Palermo, robbery of a petrol station: € 8,000 hit

Investigations are conducted by the mobile team. The two knife-wielding robbers were masked. The agents took pictures of the video surveillance systems. As reconstructed by the police officers of the General Prevention Office of the police station, who intervened on the spot, after beating the clerk, the two robbers entered the booth hoping to find more money, but remained empty-handed.

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