Palermo, new green light for the development of the tram

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The company in charge of carrying out the verification of the final project expressed a “positive opinion” in its second inspection report.
An impetus for the Orlando Administration

PALERMO – The company Icmq, in charge of carrying out the verification of the final design of the three new tram lineshe expressed “positive opinion” in its second interim inspection report.
Compared to the first report, much more critical, “all the previous ‘non-conformities’ – reads a note from the municipal administration – have been resolved.
Only six comments remain in the ‘unverified’ column, all downgraded to ‘comments’ and for which some recommendations are made.
The definitive examination of these observations, all already verified by the designers, will be carried out following the release of the opinion of the Ansfisa (National Agency for the safety of railways and road and motorway infrastructures), which will analyze the aforementioned technical aspects “.

In fact, the conclusions of the report can be read: “Most of the critical issues identified have been resolved gradually as a result of project additions and clarifications also acquired during the discussions.
The overall documentation still presents some residual criticalities for which the detailed definition can be found in the specific sheets.
The resolution of the non-conformities and of the observations found and reported in the previous chapters will allow in the next control phase a positive evaluation of the checks carried out in accordance with current legislation and aimed at validating the project by the Process Manager “.

But what exactly is the task of the Icmq group? First of all, the three lines in question, for an investment of between 250 and 300 million euros, are A (Central Station-via Croce Rossa-via Libertà), B (Notarbartolo Station-Piazza Giachery) and C (viale Regione Siciliana at Corso Calatafimi-Parco d’Orleans-Central Station).
A big question mark actually hangs on line A after in November 2021 the City Council removed the highly contested route (which should also pass through via Roma and via Libertà) from the three-year plan of public works 2020/2022.
Not bad for the Orlando Council, which two weeks later reinserted it in the next three-year plan, 2021/2023.

At the time, the councilor for mobility Giusto Catania stated that “without this section, in fact, the entire Palermo tram network is not sustainable from an economic, ecological and transport point of view..
Brancaccio and Borgo Nuovo warehouses cannot be connected to each other and the districts of Bonagia, Sferracavallo, Mondello, Villaggio Santa Rosalia, Zen, Cep, the university citadel, the Policlinico, the Civic Hospital and the upstream part of the ring road “.
It is a pity that the 2021 three-year plan will also have to be examined by Sala delle Tombidi (and we are now at the end of the legislature) and that at the moment the Administration is involved in the very delicate game of the Rebalancing Plan.

Returning to the verification procedure, it is Article 26 of the Public Contracts Code that grants the contracting authority the prerogative of verifying “the compliance of the design documents with the documents, as well as their compliance with current legislation.
The verification takes place before the start of the award procedures “or,” in cases where the joint assignment of design and execution is allowed, the verification of the design drawn up by the contractor takes place before the start of the works “.
The objective is to ascertain “a) the completeness of the design; b) the consistency and completeness of the economic framework in all its aspects; c) the procurement of the chosen design solution; d) conditions for the durability of the work over time; e) the minimization of the risks of introducing variants and litigation; f) the possibility of completing the work within the set deadlines; g) the safety of workers and users; h) the adequacy of the unit prices used; i) the maintainability of the works, where required “.
In essence, that is, the verification company does not reject or approve but validates the projects to ensure that they are consistent and precise and to avoid errors and omissions that give rise to disputes by increasing costs and lengthening the implementation times.

Mayor Leoluca Orlando is satisfied: “The tram in Palermo will be completed: I have been repeating it for some time and the facts prove me right.
The second report of the auditing firm confirms the quality of the project and the correctness of the procedures followed in recent years.
Now the last step will be the opinion of the Ministry of Infrastructures which financed the completion of the work by allocating eight hundred million euros ”.

The mayor included in his reasoning, even if their realization is still a mirage, four other lines are being developed (for an expense of another 480 million): the D Orleans-Policlinico-Bonagia, the E Croce Rossa-Zen-Mondello, the F Duca della Verdura-via Balsamo (passing through the Cala) and the G Galatea-Sferracavallo.

Satisfaction aside councilor Catania: “The second report of the verifier eliminates any doubt about the validity of the tram project and cancels all instrumental controversies that have improperly characterized the last few months.
Without the delays, due to the difficulties of the offices in the pandemic phase and the political attempts to block the work, we would already be in a position to complete the tender.
However, the lost time can be made up and we are confident that the work will be validated within a few weeks “.

Gaspare Ingargiola

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