Palermo murder, suspect’s arrest validated: accused of killing Samir.

The arrest of 32-year-old Tunisian waiter Alì El Abed Baguera, accused of killing Algerian waiter Badr “Samir” Boudjemai with three gunshots in Palermo, has been validated by Judge Angela Lo Piparo. The motive is believed to be related to competition for customers, as the two worked in restaurants across from each other. The judge ordered him to be held in custody, and the prosecutors believe he is the murderer based on camera footage. However, the defendant’s lawyer claims that the man in the footage is not his client and that crucial evidence, such as the alleged jacket and gun, were not found during a search. The lawyer also stated that several witnesses have confirmed the defendant’s alibi, and that there is no motive for the crime. The defense plans to thoroughly analyze the evidence and obtain expert opinions to support the defendant’s innocence.

L’omicidio di Palermo, convalidato l’arresto dell’indagato: è accusato di avere ucciso Samir

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