Palermo mural at Sperone dedicated to Franco and Ciccio: “Fighting against decay”

The Sperone 167 project continues in the Palermo neighborhood, with artist Nino Carlotta painting a Franco and Ciccio movie cover on a seven-story building. The building is located between two areas neglected by the community: a former soccer field and the ex-Social Services Center. The project aims to bring attention to the neighborhood’s neglect and lack of action by local administrators. Artist Igor Scalisi Palminteri expressed his desire to use art to highlight the neglect and bring about positive change in the area. The project also aims to address the delay in the start of the social services center’s construction, pointing out the city’s priorities. Additionally, the artist makes an appeal to Palermitans for support in a new project to revitalize another area of Sperone.

Palermo, il murales allo Sperone dedicato a Franco e Ciccio: «Lottiamo contro il degrado»

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