Palermo municipality registers two boys adopted by gay couple

Two children adopted by a Sicilian homosexual man and his partner in England are now “legitimately” registered in the registry of Palermo. This comes after a court ruling that forces the city to include the children in the civil registry alongside their gay parents. The ruling also requires the city and the Ministry of the Interior to cover legal expenses. The couple’s long struggle to have their adoption of the children recognized by Italian authorities has finally come to an end, after facing numerous obstacles and legal battles. This decision sets an important precedent in Italy regarding the recognition of adoptions by same-sex couples. The couple, along with their legal team, fought for years to have their sons’ adoption recognized in Italy and to obtain Italian citizenship for them. The court’s decision is seen as a step forward in equal treatment for same-sex couples in Italy.

Due ragazzi adottati da una coppia gay: ora il Comune di Palermo li iscrive all’anagrafe

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