Palermo municipality moving towards reshuffle: Lagalla states agreement with Forza Italia on restoring its assessors.

Today in Palermo, a majority meeting was held to discuss the possibility of a reshuffle in the council. The mayor, Roberto Lagalla, gathered representatives from the parties that make up the majority of the council. He acknowledged that Forza Italia had requested the restoration of its original number of assessors, and that Fratelli d’Italia wanted to maintain its current four council members, with an additional assessor from Nuova DC. In the coming days, the mayor will make a final decision after bilateral meetings with the political parties involved. Forza Italia had previously raised the issue of former member Andrea Mineo, who left the party to join Fratelli d’Italia. Forza Italia has proposed Pietro Alongi as his replacement. The Democrazia Cristiana also requested a greater presence in the reshuffle discussions.

Comune di Palermo, verso il rimpasto. Lagalla: «Tutti d’accordo con Forza Italia sul ripristino del numero dei suoi assessori»

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