Palermo municipality meets Alice Grassi: “Progress for the Park, Region approves cleanup”

After the recent outburst from Alice Grassi, an meeting was held today in Palermo at the municipal office for Urban Regeneration between the councillor Andrea Mineo and the daughter of the businessman who was killed 32 years ago in Palermo. Also present were the association dedicated to the memory of Libero Grassi and the president of the Order of Architects, Iano Monaco, to discuss the progress of the decontamination work in the park named after the businessman who was murdered by the Mafia for his refusal to pay protection money and his public denouncement of extortionists.
“The Libero Grassi park, which we inherited in a state of delay, has made significant progress in the past year,” said Mayor Roberto Lagalla. “Working in collaboration with the Sicilian Region, the municipality has carried out all necessary procedures for the decontamination project worth €11 million. The good news today is that, after review, the Regional Technical and Scientific Commission has given a positive opinion on the Municipality of Palermo’s request for the decontamination procedure.”
“The confirmation of €11 million in funding from the Sicilian Region has been received, and we are on track to start the decontamination works within the year,” added councillor for Urban Regeneration Maurizio Carta. According to councillor Mineo, the collaboration between the municipality and the regional department of Territory and Environment has been strategic. The administration has already appointed the project verifier, and the next step will be to submit the project to the Urega. We are satisfied and confident in the work done so far, and we will continue to pay the utmost attention to this project, which is of great importance to our city and is dedicated to the memory of Libero Grassi.”

Palermo, il Comune incontra Alice Grassi: «Passo avanti per il Parco, la Regione ha detto sì alla bonifica»

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