Palermo municipal police meet students to address accidents

The Road Education office of the municipal police of Palermo meets with schools to raise awareness among future drivers about proper road safety. An information and training seminar was organized at the Majorana high school on the occasion of the UN World Day in memory of road traffic victims. They aim to raise awareness among young people about the main causes of road accidents, such as distraction, alcohol and drug use, and excessive speed. They also highlighted the importance of respecting road safety laws. The students also heard the testimony of Marina Fontana, a survivor of a 2013 accident, and the message was clear: it only takes a few seconds to change everything. The event also emphasized the need to apply the law on road homicide as a deterrent to prevent future tragedies. This initiative aims to instill a sense of responsibility and respect for road safety in young people, who are the future drivers.

Palermo, la polizia municipale incontra gli studenti: «Troppi incidenti, basta un istante per far cambiare la vita di tutti»

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