Palermo. Montante System, bis investigation: “13 indictments, including the former governor Crocetta”

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T.redici persons including politicians, representatives of the police and businessmen involved in the so-called “Montante bis” investigation were indicted by the Gup of the Court of Caltanissetta Emanuela Carrabotta.

Among the suspects, in addition to the former leader of Confindustria Sicilia Antonello Montante, also the former president of the Region Rosario Crocetta, the former councilors Linda Vancheri and Mariella Lo Bello, the former commissioner Irsap, Maria Grazia Brandara, the entrepreneurs Giuseppe Catanzaro, the entrepreneurs Rosario Amarù and Carmelo Turco, Vincenzo Savastano former deputy police chief at the border office in Fiumicino, Gaetano Scillia former head of the Dia center in Caltanissetta, Arturo De Felice former director of Dia, Giuseppe D’Agata colonel of the carabinieri and Diego Di Simone Perricone former head of security of Confindustria.

They are accused, for various reasons, of conspiracy, corruption, abuse of office and illegal financing of parties.

According to the accusation they would have been part of the so-called “Rising System” which revolved around the former national vice president of Confindustria with responsibility for Legality.
The Caltanissetta prosecutor also disputes alleged illicit funding to support the electoral campaign of former governor Crocetta.

02 April 2022 | 08:06

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