Palermo, minicar hits a cyclist at the Favorita: suspected leg fractures

He was hit by a minicar driven by a fourteen-year-old while he was traveling the cycle path inside the Favorita park, in Palermo. A seriously injured cyclist was transported in red code to Villa Sofia: the prognosis is reserved.

The accident occurred around 6.30 pm. According to an initial reconstruction, the minicar would have invaded the cycle path, overwhelming the man, a forty year old. The cyclist, thrown from the saddle, ended up among the brambles. The intervention of the firefighters was necessary before the 118 health workers could help him.

The man – 47-year-old DD – suffered a head injury. Doctors are subjecting him to a series of tests, in addition to the CT scan, for a suspected fracture of both legs. The girl driving the minicar, despite the car overturned on its side, got away with a few days of prognosis.

The accident rekindles the controversy over the absence of a real bike path, often overrun by other vehicles. The accident section of the municipal police investigates the fact.

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