Palermo, Mignani: “Withdrawal? A sign of dissatisfaction from the club, struggling to react on the field”

Michele Mignani does not hide the difficulties of the moment at Palermo, in the press conference on the eve of the crucial match against Ascoli. The two consecutive defeats, with performances not up to par, have left their mark, and now even the playoffs are at risk, although the possibility for now seems distant. The former Bari coach analyzes the situation:
“We struggle to react, to turn on the light. They are guys who train with intensity and commitment, but the game is another thing,” says Mignani. “If I were to realize that someone has unplugged, I would leave them at home. The retreat is simply a signal that the company has given us to make us understand that it was not happy with the last few matches. We must focus on the match with Ascoli and stay together. I also agreed to this choice. With Ascoli it is not a do or die game. It does not determine a final outcome, but it is an important game for ourselves and for the standings. We must regain the confidence that maybe we have lost in the last two games, we must react.”

Regarding the fans and the protests, the coach says that “the protest is legitimate. I accept the context outside and hope that the boys will benefit from it. Palermo has a passionate fan base and you feel it a lot when things are going well. We must accept the situation, now the fans are not happy with the team’s performance but we must move on and play our game.”

Mignani then talks about the field: “The available players are the same as against Spezia. Di Mariano is not ready, he had his stitches removed and is undergoing a rehabilitation process. I have these players available and they are more than enough. Di Francesco as a second striker? There are many options we are considering. We are seeing that in the last few games there is difficulty in finding goals. We are evaluating many options but in the end what matters is the attitude.”

Palermo, Mignani: «Ritiro? Un segnale che la società non è contenta, fatichiamo a reagire sul campo»

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