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Palermo, Metropolitan Strategic Plan: Preliminary Strategic Document approved

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The Preliminary Strategic Document was approved today by the ad acta Commissioner to replace the Metropolitan Council.

The deed represents the first form of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan based on the requests received from local administrators, stakeholders and citizens, involved through diversified participatory activities.

The Strategic Plan will be a programmatic document that will outline the Vision of the territory in 2027 and the development stages of the Metropolitan City area for the next 3 years.
It is, as the Metropolitan Mayor underlined, Leoluca OrlandoOf “a commitment to revitalize the metropolitan area, through the enhancement of the culture, economy and tradition that distinguish it.
A development path resulting from a dialogue with and between the local population that does not stop at the drafting of the Strategic Plan
is that makes the Metropolitan City of Palermo competitive“.

The starting point of the strategic planning process of the Metropolitan City of Palermo was the widespread participation which saw the involvement of: Local administrators on multiple occasions, through the administration of questionnaires and operational comparison sessions; about 200 stakeholders in the area through 6 thematic round tables that dealt with the main development issues; over 1800 citizens through questionnaires administered online and in all municipalities of the Metropolitan City.

The subjects involved investigated and shared the tangible and intangible strengths of the territory, such as the great cultural heritage of identity, the tourism and agri-food sector, the rich and varied biodiversity; but also critical elements, such as transport and provincial connections, the isolation and depopulation of inland areas, and an excessively centralized governance system in the capital.

Starting from the strengths and criticalities, the main issues to which the Metropolitan City territory must give priority have been identified:

a) Enhance the attractiveness of the territory, exploiting relational networks between the actors, a vertical tourist offer, and new territorial marketing strategies for the enhancement of the widespread cultural and environmental endowment of the territory;

b) Rebalancing territorial differences, mending internal imbalances on an integrated vision of development and recalibrating the traditional mono-centrism of the City of Palermo to a polycentrism with a multipolar perspective;

c) Improve connections and connections, focusing on the vulnerable existing infrastructure system through the enhancement of public transport and a capillary digital infrastructure that reaches the internal areas;

d) Develop the governance of the territory, promoting a new virtuous organizational model that will have to systematize professional skills, improve relations between superordinate and common entities, promote the transparency of PA action in an innovative way, empower and involve citizens.

The operational modality through which the Metropolitan City will be able to address the Key Issues has been systematized in a tree structure: the Strategic Agenda.
This is divided into long-term objectives, 4 general objectives, and medium-term objectives, 22 specific objectives, linked to each of the areas that primarily need development actions in that area.
Objectives conceived in a metropolitan dimension, to respond to needs that have emerged throughout the territory.
The objective of the Plan will be to verify, enhance and enhance the strengths and vocations of the metropolitan territorial system through complementary objectives and interventions.